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In the Old Testament, the office of Elder was established for the oversight of the Church. In the New Testament, this office is continued. Those who fill this office today for governing the Church are called Ruling Elders. Chosen by the people of a local church, these Ruling Elders are to watch over the spiritual welfare of that congregation. The Ruling Elder shares authority with the Teaching Elder in all of the courts of the Church, in both rights and duties. It is the first duty of the Ruling Elder to represent the mind of Christ, as that person
understands it, in the various courts of the Church.

According to Scripture, those who bear the office of Ruling Elder should be mature believers, led by the Holy Spirit, who exhibit a manner of life that conforms to the biblical description of an officer in Christ’s Church.   (EPC BoO: 9-8 & 9-9)

Authority and Responsibilities of the Session

In maintaining the spiritual supervision of the local church, the Session has the following authority and responsibilities:

A. To oversee the worship of the congregation in accordance with the Book of Worship, including the time and place of worship, special services, the music program, and the celebration of the sacraments. This shall not infringe on the responsibility of the Pastor in the selection of hymns, Scriptures, sermon, administration of the sacraments, or other duties that are incumbent on the office of Pastor.

B. To organize itself within the bounds of this Constitution and lawful acts of the higher Church Courts for the advancement of the gospel and the mission of that congregation.

C. To initiate the ministry of evangelism as the first business of the Church, and to seek to lead persons to an acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

D. To oversee the discipleship ministries of the church, leading members to maturity in Christ.

E. To monitor the spiritual conduct of the members, and to take action when appropriate according to procedures set forth in the Book of Discipline.

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