Our Deacons
 Marjorie Divine  Sarge Glidewell

The office of Deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of compassion, concern for needs, and of
serving others. Therefore, the first duty of the Deacon is sympathy and service. Historically, to
this office has been given the duty of being the Church’s instrument for the ministry of compassion.

According to Scripture, those who bear the office of Deacon should be mature believers, led by
the Holy Spirit, who exhibit a manner of life that conforms to the biblical description of an officer in Christ’s Church. (EPC BoO: 9-12 & 9-13)

Ordinary Responsibilities
A. To oversee the ministry of compassion of the congregation to the sick, friendless, bereaved, and those in any way distressed.
B. To oversee those who serve as ushers, those receiving the offerings of the people, and those preparing the facilities for the use by the people.
C. The Session may also assign to the Board such duties as stewardship development, property maintenance, disbursement of funds according to an approved budget, and other related matters. (EPC BoO: 17-2)

Join Us In Worship

Adult Sunday School - 9:00 am
Worship  - 10:30 am 
Children's Sunday School Held during Worship

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